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About us

Valarie and Rahman Grimes are Georgia natives called to serve God on the coast in Savannah, GA. Valarie was born and raised in Americus, GA 8 miles from former President Jimmy Carter, while Rahman spent his early years on the west coast in sunny Oceanside, CA.


As providence would have it Rahman's parents moved the family back to their roots in GA where the two paths collided at Staley Middle School. The rest is history as the two became high school sweethearts.

Valarie and Rahman were married in 1987 and have 2 children. David, who is deceased, and Courtney their daughter. They have been blessed to be instrumental in the raising of two of their nephews and a niece. Coniah and Zephaniah Grimes and Diandrea Harvey.


The two are now chasing after God’s calling in ministry together. They are fully devoted to the local church and see it as God’s best expression of how He’s working in our world. Valarie and Rahman have spent the last 20 years leading and serving in local church ministry in Norfolk, VA, Americus, GA, Warner Robins, GA and now the great city of Savannah, GA. Over these 2 decades, they have pursued consistent fruitfulness, bold faith, a genuine love for people, and a clear devotion to God. Their home and their lives have been open spaces for other people to find Jesus, grow in faith, and step into their active role as a part of Jesus’ church.

our pastor:
 Val HS (1).jpg
Valarie Grimes
Rahman Grimes

Campus Administrator


Radiant is a church without walls bringing the hope of Jesus to everyone, everywhere!


We exist to equip others:

  • Love God

  • Live in Freedom

  • Walk in Purpose

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